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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." 
– Steve Jobs
Managing Partner, CEO
As a successful business coach & mentor for many Fortune 500 companies, Craig has been described as the “Red Adaire” of business change & transformation. 

Through his innovative M&A strategies, Craig has served over 200+ founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners successfully grow, scale, and exit their companies to achieve life-changing wealth by creating smart, ecological deal structures.

Having acquired, scaled, and exited numerous companies, Craig has a passionate commitment to serve by devoting his M&A expertise to positively impact the lives of SMB owners & entrepreneurs. 

Craig lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, step-son, and four beloved dogs. 
As an entrepreneur myself, I have been very fortunate to surround myself with really great people who have helped me stretch my possibilities and become a better version of myself. And that is the foundation here at Black House, where we are focused on solving problems and creating positive, lasting impact in all that we do.”
-Craig Boddington
With a successful corporate career in technology, Steven currently owns an IT consultancy firm with core clients in the asset management industry in the UK. He is also a real estate investor with a growing portfolio of residential properties throughout the UK. 

During his free time, Steven enjoys diving, skiing, traveling, and golf.

Primary sectors of interest: Technology Services & Real Estate
As a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Khalid Salim is a healthcare visionary and investor helping medical practice owners achieve life-changing wealth through growth and strategic acquisition.

Dr. Salim is pioneering breakthrough thought leadership in the healthcare industry, focused around improving the quality of patient care through technology and holistic alternative medicine therapy. 
During his free time, Dr. Salim loves to play blues guitar and compose music. He stays active by playing tennis and exploring nature on cross-country bike rides.

Primary sectors of interest: Healthcare, Medical Cannabis, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine
As a former Vice President for one of the largest U.S. banks, Jonathan has built a successful career guiding small & medium market business owners to next-level success through his expertise in finance and capital markets.

Jonathan is an avid sports fan and enjoys running and playing tennis.

Primary sectors of interest: Construction, Healthcare, and Professional Services
Ron Williams
With over 25 years of corporate field sales and sales management experience, Ron has built and managed successful sales organizations for high growth companies in oil & gas, consumer products, and manufacturing. 

Ron's first introduction into M&A was from the successfully growing and exiting a successful multi-unit B2C franchise. Ron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology from Purdue University and an MBA in Finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys international travel, reading, and working out.

Primary sectors of interest: Oil & Gas, Convenience Retailing, Staffing, Transportation, Retail, Franchising 
Markell Blount
As a Black House partner, Markell leads investments in IT managed service and SaaS companies. He has over 20 years of business development experience in management consulting and is an expert in growing SMBs through strategic alliances and joint venture partnerships.

Originally from Boston, MA, Markell now resides in Atlanta with his wife and their four pups. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors in Sociology. 

Away from the office, you can find Markell at his CrossFit gym, enjoying date night with his wife Melissa, or at the arcade with his 2 beautiful daughters.

Primary sectors of interest: IT Managed Services and SaaS
Ade Sanda
Ade is a leading investor, entrepreneur, and accounting consultant serving SME business owners by accelerating growth, scaling profitability.and building areas of sustainable value within a company. He is a certified accountant (both ACCA & ACA) and project management expert. 

Outside of his career in M&A, Ade is actively involved in many social impact groups and philanthropy projects to support his local community, as well as global initiatives. .

Primary sectors of interest: Professional and Financial Services, Consulting Management Services, Staffing Firms, IT Management, Environmental and Health Sectors
Casey Pearson
Casey Pearson is an Associate Partner of Black House, and currently serves as CEO of Phoenix Group Holdings. He began his career over 20 years ago in the oil & gas industry, followed by several years in the heavy equipment industry. 

Casey has built & managed several successful sales teams for multiple Fortune 500 companies, which include the likes of Stewart and Stevenson, and United Engines. With this career experience, Casey successfully founded his own oilfield services company.

After years of successful leadership and business ownership, Casey is applying the knowledge he has acquired to help entrepreneurs grow, scale and exit their businesses. Casey is committed to putting your best interest at the forefront of every deal. His motivation is to use the lessons, and wisdom that he has been gifted to help those around him succeed.
Casey Pearson holds a B.S. in Science from the Sam Houston State University.

Primary sectors of interest: Oil & Gas, Industrial
Christopher Lunn
Christopher Lunn holds degrees in chemical engineering and political science. He has a wide range of experience from environmental site remediation, to government regulation and policy development. 

Chris has also started multiple small businesses in the retail, real estate and investment sectors and helped them grow through acquisition.
He is now focused on helping owners of small and medium sized business solve their most pressing issues to grow and scale the business with the goal of creating spectacular exit events.

Chris lives in Indiana with his wife and two boys, where there is no shortage of historic buildings to renovate in his spare time.

Primary sectors of interest: Renewable energy/Green tech, construction, retail, and IT.
Ian Clemens
Ian is a veteran entrepreneur in enterprise software, residential real estate and online business. Having sold his software company to a publicly-traded company in 2017, Ian is now dedicated full-time on investing in small and medium-sized businesses, primarily in the areas of e-commerce, co-working, and digital business. 

Ian holds an S.B. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.C.S. from Regent College.

Ian and his wife, Heather, have been married for 23 years and reside in the Orlando, Florida area. They also currently serve on the board for Partners Worldwide, an organization aimed at fighting poverty through entrepreneurship.

Primary sectors of interest: E-commerce
Chris Thomas
Chris is an entrepreneur and firm believer in creating a community spirit. Over the last ten years, he has spent time on the fin-tech committee of the British Standards Institute (BSI), and committees of the Institute of Financial Services and SwapsBall in London. 

In Switzerland, he was President of the Nyon International Toastmasters Club and set up the Young Person’s Group for the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Chris is also active with the Entrepreneurial Scotland communities in both Scotland and London. 

Chris earned a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and completed his Executive Education at Babson College, Massachusetts. 

With over ten years experience in investment banking between London and Geneva, Chris also led European Innovation for one of the world’s top asset managers, and founded a digital assets company.

During his free time Chris is an avid learner and also likes to escape to nature, whether it be in the Swiss alps or around a quiet river. He also enjoys quality time with friends, especially when food is involved. 

Primary sectors of interest: Technology companies
Jack Rickard
Jack Rickard is a decorated military veteran with a proven track record of success, both in business and in the military. 

During his 20 years of service in the UK Armed Forces, Jack uncovered his unrelenting passion for building high-performance senior management teams rooted in teamwork, discipline, and results. 

Jack has successfully trained, coached, and mentored senior leadership teams at various phases within a company, including hyper-growth periods, as well as business turnarounds. 

Jack was made a MBE by HM Queen in 2011 for operational services and has an MBA from Henley Management College. Today, Jack is focused on acquiring small and medium sized companies while helping owners prepare, grow, and scale their business for a successful exit.

Jack and his family recently moved to North Carolina where they enjoy the beautiful, outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys all sports and he runs and cycles regularly.
Craig Keddie
Craig is an innovative, adaptable individual with a global mindset and extensive international work experience having developed a rare and valuable mindset able to think critically and manage strategically over his 25+ years career.
His experience spans a wide range of industries including I.T, fintech, digital media / e-commerce, real estate, health care, investment management and international finance.
Craig is a Chartered Banker and Member of the Chartered Bankers Institute of Scotland; a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and member of ACAMS; holds certifications in Bank Financial Management from the ABA and earlier in his career held Microsoft Certified System Engineer status.
He has spent significant time in North America, Hungary, Malta, Germany and currently the U.K while travelling from these home bases to countries around the world. This has ingrained an instinctive appreciation for cross-cultural differences and the ability to manage geographically dispersed teams, overcome language challenges and ensure smooth operation of business affairs around the globe.
Primary Sectors of Interest: Qualitative & Quantitative industries with business models focusing on Testing (i.e. Medical, Chemical, Physiological, Psychometric etc); Surveying; Appraisal / Valuation; Evaluation, Analysis & Assessment.
Black House Private Equity is a global mergers and acquisitions firm operating across North America, Europe, UK and SE Asia. We are highly value-led when it comes to executions and operations.
We acquire, both majority and minority interests, in small/mid-market businesses to help founders reach new levels of growth or successfully exit their business at the premium valuation to a strategic buyer.
Our mission is to unlock the full potential of the businesses we acquire by empowering the people within. We believe entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our economy, innovation, and progress. Therefore, we invest time, resources and capital to ensure their success.
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